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Patient Struggles To Justify Concierge Medicine Practices

New business models for doctors may make it harder for your family to get quality medical care By Jessica Santina This article was published on 11.28.13. I had a terrible case of insomnia. It was early October, and I had gone four nights without ever falling into a deep sleep. I was exhausted, terrified I would never […]

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Concierge Medicine: Abandoning The Insurance System For Cash And Better Care

Cash-only doctors abandon the insurance system By Steve Hargreaves, CNN Money, June 11 2013 Fed up with declining payments and rising red tape, a small but growing number of doctors is opting out of the insurance system completely. They’re expecting patients to pony up with cash. Some doctors who have gone that route love it, saying […]

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New Doctor in Town Offers Alternative to Traditional Fee Model: Concierge Medicine for the Masses

LAS VEGAS:By Tovin Lapan, Las Vegas Sun, April 19, 2013 Monthly subscriptions plan touted for providing access for patients, low overhead for doctors As individuals and businesses grapple with how they will meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act that kick in next year, Dr. Samir Qamar wants MedLion to be one of the options. […]

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