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Finding a private physician offering concierge medical services is becoming more convenient. Today, you can use the internet to search for concierge medical services from both independent private physicians and physician networks dedicated to providing advanced personalized care. Online directories showcase private physician’s concierge medical services and specialties in your area. These directories allow you to explore the benefits and services from the comfort of you own home, or locate a concierge doctor on the go from your phone.

Each private physician or network will have a unique offering of advanced services and medical specialties available to you. Concierge medicine offers programs and a level of care not found in most traditional practices. It is important to review them carefully as there are a wide variety of benefits available to you and your family. Concierge medicine is setting a new standard for care with private physicians focused on giving you the care you deserve. allows you to view Concierge Doctors online offering concierge medical care programs for:

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2 Responses to “Find A Concierge Doctor”

    • Laura,

      Generally, concierge medical care programs do not accept Medicare, as they are based on services that are outside of the Medicare coverage. However you might want to explore the options in your area to find a physician that provides you the level of care you are looking for and evaluate the expense at that point. You could start with to see if there are any programs available near you.

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