New Concierge Medicine Practice Opens in Boulder Colorado


BOULDER, COLORADO— Foundation Health has opened a Boulder, Colorado concierge primary care practice founded on one basic principle: helping its patients to experience well.

“Our brand of concierge medicine allows us to provide affordable, exceptional care for our patients. By focusing on our patients’ experience, we are able to tailor-fit their health care to their personal wellness needs and goals. This customized care helps us offer our patients an improved, simplified, and evolved brand of primary care. As an insurance-free, membership-based primary care practice, we have the flexibility to provide our patients with an array of wellness benefits. Member benefits include: 24-hour, unlimited access to a provider; longer appointment times; easier access to our providers through multiple channels including video conferencing, email, and telephone; travel medicine; women’s wellness; nutritional consulting, chronic disease management; high-quality supplements sold at cost; and wellness activities and promotions with other members of our Wellness Network. We are not just a clinic, or even just a primary care practice, we a group of health care professionals who have a deep and daily dedication to helping our patients experience well.”

Foundation Health is home to some of the most well-respected medical providers in Boulder: Todd Dorfman, MD, Colleen Ryan, MD, Shannon Ross, PA-C, and Alison Merser Moore, PA-C. To read more about these exceptional providers, please visit the company’s Team Page.

For those looking to find a concierge doctor, the practice charges a $150 Monthly Membership Fee for the first member enrollee and $125 per month for additional family members. For additional information about Foundation Health and its offerings, please visit or contact Ginnie Meyers at

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