Archive | March 23, 2014

Dominick A. Curatola, MD Introduces Personalized Care Medical Practice in Mountain View, California

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. — Dominick A. Curatola, MD recently established a concierge medical practice in Mountain View, California, combining his specialty in cardiology with a return to full internal medicine coverage for his patients, and an emphasis on age management and wellness strategies. Dr. Curatola’s new concierge or personalized care model allows him more quality time with patients […]

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Physician Practices and Smart Electronic Communications

I once worked in a medical practice where the doctor gave his personal cell phone number to everyone. Patients, supply and drug representatives, employees, all were able to contact the doctor directly. He was proficient with texting, so in addition to phone calls he got electronic text messages. Sometimes those messages were personal, but sometimes […]

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