MDVIP coming soon

  • By Atina Roberts 

    Big changes are coming to a local doctor’s office.

    Dr. LaMonda, who practices in Columbia, conducted a meeting in Moberly on Wednesday (March 5), to inform his patients of a new way of practicing medicine. He is adapting a basic concierge-type philosophy. He has recently become part of a service called MDVIP.

    MDVIP allows patients to experience a different model of care. The mission of the organization is to allow doctors to have smaller practices that are devoted to their client base. LaMonda is downsizing his client base in the process. He stated that the current practice of seeing 2,000 to 3,000 patients does not allow for a doctor to do his or her job to the best of their capabilities. He will now only accept up to 600 patients, though as of the meeting, he mentioned a smaller size of 400. The limited patient load will allow LaMonda to take calls after hours to help address needs. He also stated he will have no wait times, and can now offer same-day or next-day appointments.

    Patients are required to buy into a membership to continue to receive care from LaMonda. The yearly fee is $1,650. That fee also enables LaMonda, and other MDVIP doctors, access to lab tests that LaMonda states insurance refuses to cover. The extensive yearly exam includes numerous labs and in depth screenings. LaMonda hopes to be able to catch and address health issues before they become a problem.


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One Response to “MDVIP coming soon”

  1. Is this the reason? If so, why no warning,? Hiw many more will go through this.

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