One Focus Medical set to open April 1

Patty Miller The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Edmond doctor Jeffrey Davenport, M.D., is planning to open a new practice, One Focus Medical, on April 1. It is a new membership-based, insurance-free, direct-to-patient primary care clinic.

Built on the concept that the patient pays a small monthly membership fee for unlimited access to his or her doctor, Dr. Davenport believes this is the beginning of the changing concept of medical practice in the United States.

“We have returned Primary Care medicine to its root values of clinical excellence for and compassionate knowledge of every patient,” Davenport said.

One Focus Medical will reduce health care costs for individuals, families and businesses according to Davenport, and will offer family healthcare that is thorough, comprehensive and affordable, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with same-day or next-day appointments.

“One Focus Medical is also able to give back to the community by helping to take care of some that don’t have access to excellent care,” he said.

The monthly membership fees are as follows: Ages 0-20 years cost $10 per month; Ages 20-50 years cost $50 per month; Ages 50-65 years cost $75 per month, Ages 66-plus years cost $100 per month. The first visit is always free.

With none of the expenses required by insurance reimbursement, the doctor is no longer forced to squeeze in 25 to 35 patients a day for 5- and 10-minute appointments (national average for insurance-based practices) and can instead take the time necessary with each patient to deliver high-quality, personalized care. For patients with chronic illnesses, the unrestricted access to a primary care physician can have dramatic, often life-changing, positive effects on the individual’s health, Davenport said.

This direct fee-for-services arrangement frees doctors from the typical contractual agreements that prevent physicians from offering more economical prices on laboratory tests, imaging and medications, he said.

“This is the great mystery of the insurance industry. Many of these things are less expensive when packaged wholesale, rather than running them through an insurance claim,” Davenport said. “A CMP and lipid panel, for example, might be $8 to $12 versus $700 the local hospital charges. Many generic meds are a few pennies a pill lowering 90 day supplies to $3 or $4 versus a $20 co-insurance fee.”


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One Response to “One Focus Medical set to open April 1”

  1. Charges too low! Panel would have to be too large to provide value added services. The most common mistake in DP growth practices. Easy to come down, impossible to go up after you begin. Simple math explains why this pricing is difficult.

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