3 Reasons Why Americans are Turning to Concierge Medicine in 2014

What is concierge medicine and who is using it these services?

Over the past decade, the trend in Primary Care Specialties has been for physicians to see an increasingly large panel of patients. This is due, in part, to decreasing reimbursements from Medicare and private insurance companies for primary care services. In many cases, physicians today see more patients for the same, or less, compensation than they received in the past.

As doctors struggle to see more patients each day, appointment lengths are shortened, and any delays are felt by multiple patients. As such, many people experience long wait times when they go to see their Primary Care Provider (PCP).

Even with an appointment, it’s not uncommon to wait more than an hour to see the doctor. In addition, patients are finding it increasingly difficult to get an appointment in a reasonable amount of time—it is often necessary to schedule visits several months in advance.

In response to these problems, PCPs developed the idea of “Concierge Medicine” (also referred to “Boutique Medicine” or “Direct Care”).

The basic idea behind Concierge Medicine is that patients pay a monthly or yearly fee that gives them increased access to their physician. The fee itself does not generally cover costs of services rendered; it is more like a membership fee—it give you direct access to the doctor.

Reason #1: Speedy Visits with Little Waiting Time or Advanced Planning

Perhaps the biggest reason Americans are turning to Concierge Medicine is speed and convenience. Examples include:

  • No waiting
  • No need to plan months in advance
  • Test results delivered the same day
  • These features appeal to those individuals who desire instant gratification.


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