Business: The ‘concierge’ will see you now

October 27, 2013 5:00 am  •  KATHLEEN STINSON Sun Staff Reporter

Dr. Neal Mogk thinks he has found a better way to manage his medical practice that improves the service he provides to his patients.

Dr. Mogk, a board certified family practice physician, has decided to change his Beaver Street Family Practice to what he calls a “concierge medicine-style” that, by reducing his patient roster, will give him more time to spend with each one.

“I will be able to get to know my patients better,” he said.

He said not everybody wants “aggressive” or interventional care. For example, some people with an aching shoulder might want to be treated with therapy and others may want a “surgical fix.”

Knowing the patient better will help him decide which treatment is best to suggest, he said.

Starting in January, he will charge each patient a $600 per year fee that lets them enjoy his “concierge” service. The fee can be paid in smaller installments. He will still bill a patient’s insurance and collect co-pays as before.

Signups will be on a first-come, first-served basis until the reduced roster is full. He said his patients who do not want to use the concierge service can still stay with the practice and be seen by Amy Clark, D.O. in his office or his nurse practitioner at no extra fee, he said.


The concierge medicine service entitles the patient to longer office visits, guaranteed same-day appointments for urgent problems, house calls in Flagstaff area when needed, 24/7 phone calls returned personally unless he is out of town, and some other special treatment.

The doctor said he decided to make this change because he was seeing 16-20 patients a day generally only for 15-minute visits. Although the visits were short, he was working 10- to 11-hour days.

find out what the doctor has to say about this change in his life

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