The New Healthcare Paradigm: The Hybrid Direct Care Model

We see a lot of buzzwords and new ideas spreading as the post-ACA healthcare landscape begins to take shape. Today, we focus on a new idea that may hold the key towards transitioning traditional practices into successful post-ACA practices.

The Hybrid Direct Care Model.

Under the Hybrid Direct Care Model, practitioners have the ability to hold two practice models (which also means two revenue streams) under one roof. Let’s call these two models “Practice 1″ and “Practice 2″.

“Practice 1″, the direct care model, allows practitioners to focus on a few premium-paying patients, allowing them better availability and more specialized care. Patients that pay a subscription can get unprecedented access to their doctor through quick appointments, email consultations, free annual physicals, and longer consultations. Practitioners can still bill Medicare and insurance companies for services covered under the patients’ plans. Under this model, the practitioner can maintain a base of around 16-18 patients per day, allowing them to offer more personalized care while maintaining healthy reimbursements.

“Practice 2″, the traditional model, delegates the common medical tasks to physician assistants and nursing assistants: physicals, check-ups, tests, and the like. Practitioners can still administer precise and complex care to any patient in need, but the patients under “Practice 1″ gain priority over the walk-ins and new patients covered under “Practice 2″.

read more on what the hybrid direct care offers to post ACA practices. 

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