The Doctor-Rapper and CEO Who Intend to Fix Healthcare


Zubin Damania is a Stanford-trained physician working to develop a new model for primary care clinics. But if you cared to, you could also find him on YouTube, rapping as ZDoggMD.

Damania, assuming the persona of ZDoggMD, began making music videos in 2010. He parodyied songs by Notorious B.I.G and the Black Eyed Peas, in so doing addressing some of the serious problems he noticed while treating patients in the hospital. He has since made more than 60 PSA-style videos that have amassed close to 1.2 million YouTube views—from “Immunize: the Vaccine Anthem,”—which plays off the Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars song, “Billionaire,” and urges vaccine deniers to “get your shot on”—to “Pull and Play,” which explains “ST to the Ds” and other dangers of unsafe sex in graphic detail.

With ZDoggMD at the mic, Damania says he was able to be more vocal about the problems of the healthcare system than he would as “just a regular doc.” One of his most widely watched videos is a take on Jay-Z’s “Hard-Knock Life.” In it, ZDoggMD and his sidekick, Dr. Harry, a pediatrician in Redwood City, California, break it down from hospitalists’ perspective:

“It’s the hard doc’s life for us/Hospital doc’s life for us/Specialists, they got it made/We do the work while they get paid.”

Damania’s humor is grounded in deep frustration over a “devastatingly dysfunctional” healthcare system that, he says, “fails miserably at prevention and focuses instead on the treatment of disease.” The costs of treating chronic diseases like diabetes, heart cancer and cancer represent 75 percent of the staggering $2 trillion spent annually in the U.S. on health care according to a2012 Institute of Medicine report. Most chronic disease can be prevented.

Check out how Damania wants to do something for the patients. 

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