Concierge Dermatology Boca Raton Style from MDVIP Founder

Concierge medicine practice ideals are attractive to patients. One of the founders of MDVIP, Dr. Robert Colton,  came out of retirement to create ClearlyDerm, a new experience in dermatology with all the concierge level care you would expect.

By Marcia Heroux Pounds, Sun Sentinel, October 13, 2013

Dr. Robert Colton once was a founding partner of a hugely successful concierge medical practice called MDVIP that catered to those who could afford to pay doctors for their undivided attention.

Now Colton and another set of partners have a new Boca Raton-based venture — ClearlyDerm — and a new challenge, seeking to provide dermatology care to the masses by offering extended hours and appointments within a day — instead of weeks or months.

“I relish the opportunity to disrupt medicine as I did once with MDVIP,” the 61-year-old Colton said.
MDVIP, founded more than a decade ago in Boca Raton, was the first network of primary care physicians to provide concierge service to patients on a national scale. The company was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2009 for an undisclosed price. Today, the multimillion-dollar company has more than 670 affiliated physicians in 41 states and Washington, D.C.

After his work with MDVIP, Colton attempted to retire two years ago.
It didn’t work.

“I played so much golf that I was hoping for rain,” he joked.

Meanwhile, his wife, Dr. Andrea “Andi” Colton, was tired of the grind of trying to keep up with a huge daily patient load as a Delray Beach dermatologist.

“I was burnt out,” she said. She had so many patients that even her doctor-husband couldn’t refer a patient to her.

For a new patient in South Florida, the wait to see a dermatologist can be as long as six months, said Paula Baumgardner, executive director of the Florida Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. A shortage of dermatologists is a national problem, but it’s even more severe in South Florida, she said, as many new graduates go into more lucrative fields of cancer surgery or cosmetic surgery.

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