Orange County California Adds Another Concierge Doctor.

With the full arrival of Obamacare just around the corner, Dr. Susan Dindot has opted to join a concierge medicine management group, Personalcare Physicians, to ensure she can continue to treat patients as people and not just charts.

Laguna Niguel, CA (PRWEB) October 03, 2013

The future of traditional private physician practices seems certainly uncertain, especially with the Affordable Care Act creeping up on the nation. Close to 92% of physicians are unsure where the health system will be in 3-5 years or how they will fit into it, according to The Physicians Foundation survey released 09/21/2012 ( Dr. Susan Dindot found herself in this boat. With the deadline looming, she faced the tall order of deciding whether to:

  •     Retire from the medical profession that she loves,
  •     Join a giant medical group and treat patients as charts instead of people, or
  •     Change the way her medical practice would operate

The answer for Dr. Dindot was clear: change the way she practiced so she could continue to do what she loves while continuing to provide the highest level of care with a concierge medicine model. This relatively new form of practice will allow Dr. Dindot to give every patient the time and attention needed to ensure that they are as healthy as possible. This is the type of care that she had envisioned providing when she was up late studying for exams in med school. And, this is the type of patient-physician relationship that her patients will truly appreciate. Under this model, each patient pays an annual fee for non-medical conveniences including same day appointments; coordination of specialty care; having immediate access to their doctor through cell phone, email and text; and even house calls if patients are physically unable to visit the doctor’s office. The annual fee also allows Dr. Dindot to have a much smaller patient panel, with no more than 350 patients, giving her plenty of time to devote to each patient and provide enhanced services including an executive-style annual physical.

Dr. Dindot has chosen to partner with Personalcare Physicians LLC, a concierge management group that currently has two other locations in the Orange County area. In addition to the added convenience for the patient, this partnership will further enable her to focus on what is really important, caring for patients, rather than spending time on administrative tasks involved with running her own small business. “They look at the entire health of a person” says Dr. Dindot as she refers to Personalcare Physicians’ supplemental services, which include personal training and nutritional guidance; something that very few other concierge medicine practices offer.

Personalcare Physicians provides access to the premier concierge physicians in Orange County and surrounding areas in Southern California. The company is dedicated to being the leading provider of personalized healthcare by combining the concierge medicine model with fitness and nutrition programs. Their comprehensive wellness program aims to empower members to be the healthiest people in the world. For additional information, please visit

If you’d like more information about this story, or to schedule an interview with Dr. Susan Dindot, please call Alex Deleon at 949-566-8412 or send an email to adeleon(at)personalcarephysicians(dot)com.

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