Concierge Medicine Bainbridge Island Stlye

By Tim Kelly, for KPBJ – The Kitsap Penisula Business Journal

Dr. Blain Crandell spent a year finding out what health care is like in another country. Now that he’s back, he still isn’t working in a family practice that’s typical of the U.S. medical system, but that suits him just fine.

He recently joined the Bainbridge Island practice that Dr. Gregory Keyes started 10 years ago, a clinic where patients get a lot more face time with the physicians and can even call their cell phones 24/7 if an urgent need arises after business hours.

Patients get what they pay for with Member Plus Family Health Care. What they pay for — in the form of an annual membership fee — is the assurance of access to their doctor whenever they need it, longer appointments when they come to the clinic, and overall a closer personal relationship with the doctors and clinic staff who actively communicate with patients to make sure they’re following a preventive health care plan.

Crandell said the biggest appeal of the Member Plus model — sometimes referred to as “concierge medicine” — is the opportunity for more interaction with patients. The membership fees make it possible for the doctors to see fewer patients and devote more time to them.

“Honestly, it’s about the time … the fact I don’t feel so pressured to shuffle patients through the door,” he said.

Where a traditional family practice has 1,400 to 1,600 patients per doctor, Crandell said Keyes tries to keep that between 600 and 800 at Member Plus. The practice model that he’s developed “is about getting to know his patients better, and take better care of them.”

READ FULL STORY for more on concierge medicine in the Bainbridge Island, Washington area and Dr. Crandell.

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