Concierge Medicine Included in Orange County, California’s Fastest-Growing Businesses

For the second year in a row, the Orange County Business Journal has named Personalcare Physicians among Orange County’s fastest-growing private companies, ranking the manager of concierge medicine practices at #70 on its annual list.

rvine, CA (PRWEB) September 30, 2013

After debuting on the 2012 list, Personalcare Physicians continues to grow at a blistering pace, boasting 91% growth over the last two years. In addition to the impressive financial growth, Personalcare Physicians is also seeing rapid physical growth. The company opened its second location in early 2013 and is set to open another location in Aliso Viejo later this year. By providing access to premier healthcare environments and world-class physicians, Personalcare Physicians is on the cutting edge of a healthcare revolution, where the patient comes first and long-term health is the driving force behind every decision. To amplify its level of care, each Personalcare Physicians location is appointed with the latest and greatest in healthcare technology as well as an on-site fitness studio, where physicians can truly oversee the fitness and nutrition programs of their patients.

Troy Medley, CEO of Personalcare Physicians, attributes the rapid growth to their unique model and first class customer service. “We are the only company in Orange County that provides a healthcare environment that conveniently packages concierge medicine, fitness and nutrition into warm, welcoming and luxurious facilities,” says Medley. With the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” knocking on the door, Medley feels that the pending changes in the healthcare environment will fuel the growth of concierge medicine for the foreseeable future. The company plans to continue expanding by opening new facilities to reach more patients who truly understand the value of health.

About Personalcare Physicians

Personalcare Physicians provides access to the premier concierge physicians in Orange County and surrounding areas in Southern California. The company is dedicated to being the leading provider of personalized healthcare by combining the concierge medicine model with fitness and nutrition programs. Their comprehensive wellness program aims to empower members to be the healthiest people in the world. For additional information, please visit

If you’d like more information regarding this story, or to schedule an interview with Troy Medley, please call Alex Deleon at 949-566-8412 or send an email to adeleon(at)personalcarephysicians(dot)com.

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