VIDEO: Obamacare in Three and a Half Minutes From Our Friends in Maine

Wendell Potter columnist at Center for Public Integrity and posted his take on the video on Huffington Post “The Blog” September 9th, 2013.

“But don’t just take my word for it. Set aside 3 ½ minutes and let 21-year-old Maggie Ditré lay it out for you in a remarkably simple and informative video she did as a favor for her father.

Maggie’s dad is Joe Ditré, executive director of Portland, Maine-based Consumers for Affordable Health Care, a nonprofit advocacy group. Disclaimer: Joe and I are friends. We both have served as consumer representatives to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Joe still performs that role, in addition to his day job at CAHC.

Joe and his staff recently applied for and received a small grant to update the organization’s website and to produce a video to tell Mainers what they need to know about the state’s insurance marketplace and how they can benefit from the new world of health insurance.

CACH solicited bids for the work and quickly realized from the responses they got that web and video design firms wanted far more money than the group’s budget would allow.

When Joe mentioned that to Maggie, a senior majoring in political science and theater studies at Yale, she volunteered to help. It turns out Maggie knows a thing or two about how to communicate with just a few simple tools: a whiteboard, a set of colored pens, a camera and her voice.

CAHC’s consumer assistance program manager Emily Brostek volunteered to write a script for the project and Maggie set aside a few hours to work her magic. The result looks like animation but is really a series of drawings you see Maggie’s fast-moving hand create while you watch.

With no funds for a studio, Maggie mounted a camera on a ceiling beam above her desk and over six hours drew and drew and drew, everything from computers and keyboards to a smiling Maine family. Then she edited it all down to three minutes and 26 seconds and recorded Emily’s script.

Among the things you learn is that federal subsidies to help defray the cost of premiums will be available to U.S. families earning up to $94,000 and that 90 percent of the 133,000 uninsured Mainers will qualify for a subsidy.

What was the most challenging thing to draw? The state of Maine, with its long ragged coast. When she was done she wished the Ditré family lived in rectangular Colorado.

As you watch Maggie’s magic YouTube video, be aware that even if you aren’t a resident of the Pine Tree State, everything except the Maine-specific stats apply to your state, too. So pass it around. And tell the consumer groups in your state they should hire Maggie to customize the video for them. They won’t need millions. Maggie’s budget: $250.”

The Full Blog Post from Wendell Potter

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