MD2 Reveals New Concierge Medicine Office In Menlo Park

Sought-after Stanford concierge physicians find the luxury of time to practice medicine the way they intended.

BELLEVUE, WASH. — MD² opened its newest primary care office in Menlo Park, California this August, offering personalized care, tailored to fit the lifestyles of highly mobile, affluent families.

Much has been written about emerging medical technologies and the more than 40,000 healthcare apps, and dozens of websites now available online.

“I love all of the new health apps and sites like WebMD and others,” said MD² CEO Peter Hoedemaker. “They are valuable resources and all of these can have great information for patients. But nothing can replace the cherished relationship you have with a physician. I actually think when you take a distinguished physician and give them time to practice the way they intended—that’s when the magic of medicine begins.”

Widely known as the pioneers of concierge medicine, the MD² collection of offices has now redefined the category. With eight offices nationwide and recent additions in Dallas, New York and Menlo Park, MD² practices are in the most well-travelled cities, with access to the most renowned medical institutions and specialists in the country.

“It’s wonderful to know I can provide an unprecedented level of care for my patients,” said Dr. Sarah Watson, a highly respected Stanford affiliated physician in the MD² Menlo Park office. “It’s the way I dreamed I’d practice in medical school.”

MD² currently has offices in Seattle, Bellevue, Portland, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, New York and Menlo Park. Each practice is made up of two physicians, caring for only 50 families. All MD² physicians have at least 15-20 years of experience, long-standing ties to the major medical arenas and are able to facilitate care for their families. In addition, MD² offices are designed and built specifically to accommodate the lifestyle needs of their families.

“For our highly mobile families it’s the only solution. The depth of relationships and extraordinary care found in our offices is just so radically different than any other,” said Hoedemaker.

MD² International, LLC was founded in Seattle in 1996 and is the preeminent provider of concierge medicine. With a collection of primary care offices located in well-travelled cities with major medical institutions, MD² offers medicine, tailored to fit the lifestyles of our highly mobile, affluent families. Each MD² medical office is comprised of two highly regarded internists who care for just 50 families. For more information visit,

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