Concierge Medicine in North Texas

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Frustrated with packed waiting rooms, mounting paperwork and falling reimbursements, thousands of physicians are abandoning traditional practices in favor of what’s being called ‘concierge’ or ‘boutique’ medical practices. Doctors typically charge a flat fee that can range from a few thousand dollars a year to $50,000 annually in some parts of the country. In exchange, patients get same day appointments and more personalized attention.

“For me, it has brought the love of medicine back,” says Dr. Sarah Davis, a Dallas family practice physician. Davis was one of the first in North Texas to attempt such a practice after reading about a similar experiment in Seattle. The birth of her second child—and growing discontent with modern healthcare—convinced her that it was time for a change.

“I would walk into a room, the person would have their list of questions and I would think ‘Oh, no, there are 10 more people waiting—I’m not going to have enough time to answer all of these questions. I’m going to have to really cut to the chase.’” And that meant hurrying through appointments.

“There are studies that say doctors interrupt patients every 7 seconds, and I was becoming one of those doctors,” says Davis. “They’d start to tell their story. But, I didn’t have time to hear the whole story. I’d just need to get the details, get a diagnosis, and get them their prescription and move on to the next person.”

That was more than a decade ago. Now, instead of hurrying through 40 appointments in a single day, Davis’ entire practice is limited to roughly one hundred patients who pay an annual fee. Her fee includes an extensive physical, lab work and unlimited office visits. And yes, patients have her cell phone number and she makes house calls. But, Dr. Davis insists that the value is in the personal attention that translates into higher quality healthcare.

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Dr. Sarah Davis is located:

6901 Snider Plz Suite 130

Dallas, TX 75205

(214) 361-7855

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