Where Do Patients Go To Find Concierge Medical Care?

Patient inquiries into “how to find a concierge doctor” are growing nationwide. However, locating the concierge physicians is not easy. In response, Concierge Medicine Journal launches its official Concierge Medical Care Directory: ConciergeMedicalCare.com.

Demand Is Continuing To Rise

“Locating a local concierge physician can be difficult for patients. We have been experiencing a steady and growing number of patients looking for concierge medicine programs to explore. These inquiries are coming from all parts of the country, with a surprising amount outside metropolitan areas, where many concierge care providers are invisible to those searching . Patient interest is here, and substantial opportunity exists for private physicians to grow their concierge medical practices, and new ones to enter, by leveraging a powerful presence.” declares Ira Kerns, Chief Operating Officer of ConciergeDoctor.com.

Let Patients Find You

CMC is a directory of concierge medical care providers across the country designed to help patients find the right private physician.

Concierge Medicine Journal now provides the simple solution for patients searching to “find a concierge doctor” with their directory: ConciergeMedicalCare.com (CMC). For the first time ever patients can explore concierge medicine, and concierge physicians offering advanced personalized healthcare programs nationwide in all available specialties. CMC is dedicated to all private physicians offering concierge medical care programs who are looking to attract new patients.

ConciergeMedicalCare.com’s detailed physician profiles are designed to highlight each practice’s unique benefits and features unlike any other solution online. CMC provides the direct connection between patients and concierge physicians, whether it is a patient seeking personalized care for a parent in another state or one searching locally for the closest concierge medicine program.


Get Listed. Be Found.

ConciergeMedicalCare.com is seeking out concierge physicians nationwide to meet our patient demand.

If you are a top private physician offering patients concierge care membership programs or personalized direct-pay services, you are an ideal candidate for ConciergeMedicalCare.com. CMC is now accepting listing applications from top concierge medical care providers in all areas of the country. A listing on CMC is a must for any private physician interested in attracting new patients.

ConciergeMedicalCare.com is now accepting listing applications from top concierge medical care providers in all areas of the country.  For more information and a personalized introduction to CMC, physicians may visit the site: http://www.conciergemedicalcare.com.

To add your listing to CMC please fill the form below:

About Concierge Medicine Journal

Concierge Medicine Journal (CMJ) curates breaking concierge medicine news, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics relevant to the practice of Concierge Medicine.

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