Fighting Stress With A Wellness Approach

Sickness vs Wellness Medicine Part 3 of 4

The Stress Factor In Our Health

Stress is a major cause of so many illnesses, that it is actually mind boggling. Many people deny that they are under stress. The perception is that stress is a big energy that overtakes us. We believe that we can handle anything. Many of us are taught that if we are not coping that we are deficient in some ways.

With this in mind, we will consciously and unconsciously deny what is truly happening. In fact, stress is not a bad word. Stress is defined as our response to an environmental stressor or agent that puts us into a sympathetic (fight or flight) response.

In fact, in our busy North American culture we are all under some degree of perceived stress. In an average day, we are all usually rushing to work, picking up the kids, ‘fighting traffic’, and stressed about money. This is the normal experience of many people that is epidemic on the planet right now. In this experience, it is impossible to imagine that we are not under stress. Stress can also be defined as any perception, conscious or otherwise, in which we do not feel safe.

Here is another example of stress: as a society, we are encouraged to work hard, be efficient and not complain. We are taught to live our lives in a narrow band width. What I mean by this is that we are sometimes encouraged to tow the rope and keep a stiff upper lip. This is especially true in certain cultures in which we are expected to be strong, not complain and to be efficient.

This can be incredibly stressful. For many, our inner truth wants us to rest, have our input and not always tow the rope. In essence, we are denying our own truth and this causes our own body to go into a stress response. It is not a surprise that most diseases are directly connected to stress.

In fact, in medicine, we define the cause of many diseases to be ‘idiopathic’. What idiopathic means is of an unknown cause. When we take it a step further and understand quantum physics and different forms of alternative healing, we understand that we have the capability of healing many of these so called idiopathic illnesses with our personal work.

I know of countless clients who have reversed seemingly complex illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, lupus, chronic pain, migraines, and diabetes and more simply thru their own personal work.

So, where do we start? How do we even start to make a dent into this stress balloon that is running our lives? Here are some simple ways to begin.  Of note, these techniques need to be applied to our lives regularly in order to really make a dent in our lives. I encourage you to start, and if you are not seeing progress, then it means that you may need some external help. You may benefit from a coach, a teacher or a class to help you on your path.

10 Quick Stress Busters That You Can Add To Your Life Now:

1)     Breathe – Learn abdominal, belly breathing. It is one of the quickest ways to put our bodies into a state of relaxation. This means learning to breathe into your belly instead of your chest. This is how babies breathe and it is actually our natural way of breathing. We chest breathe from a state of chronic stress.

2)      Meditation – With your deep breathing done regularly, it will become almost natural to start to meditate. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. All meditation means is to concentrate in the moment now. You can use audio meditations or simple body scan meditations. Try to meditate for 3 minutes, 3 times a day for 3 weeks. As you do this regularly, you will start to accentuate a state of calm and ease that will overtake you.

3)     Take A Moment –  Close your eyes during the day and go inside. Many of us are taught to keep our eyes open and stay alert all day long, every day. They say habits are made to be broken. Maybe your habit of working in overdrive is not serving you. Closing your eyes, and breaking away from the external world can accentuate a state of calm that will help you gain a space of calm.

4)      Laugh –  Laughter is a natural de-stressor. The more we laugh, the more that we are in our own state of calm and ease. Laughter is a natural antidote to our busy mind and our stressed body.

5)      Play –  Many times we associate the concept of play with our children. In reality, play does not end when we grow old and get a job. In fact, that is when play can actually be turned up a notch! The more we play, the more chances are that we are having fun in our jobs and in our lives. Play can be of anything – a dance, a movie, music, a walk in the park or going down the slide with your kids!

6)      Eat well – Certain foods can actually make our stress response calm down. For example, chamomile, and other comfort foods can be incredibly calming to our system. As we consume them, they can actually allow our body to go into a state of calm, and help us to de-stress.

7)      Exercise – Regular exercise can help us to enter into a calmer state in our body and mind. When done from a place of having fun, it can actually be therapeutic to our bodies to get out, exercise regularly and thereby calm our body and mind.

8)      Yoga – The benefits of yoga are vast. Besides creating calm in our body and mind, yoga has numerous benefits that go beyond the physical. It has psychological and physiological health benefits that can completely alter our perception of reality and actually aide us to obtain maximum health and wellness now.

9)      Get Outdoors – Some of us live in metropolitan cities, wherein we drive to work, get shuttled to offices in underground subways and forget to ever see the fresh air. Many times the outdoors is seen through our windows only. In fact, nature is an amazing way to de-stress, breathe and feel the connection with who we truly are.

10)  Take A Break – Stepping outside of your reality bubble can be incredibly helpful. Look at your life pieces and truly ask yourself if you are truly happy. Our lives can start now, if we allow them to. Most of us are trained to believe that we have to live a certain way or in a certain reality. The truth, however, is that we are truly the creators of our own lives and our own realities. If you are not happy with it, or if it is not serving you, then make the changes now for tomorrow. Why wait for a fatal disease or a tragic consequence to push you in that direction?

Check out the first two parts of the series and visit us next week for the wrap-up on “Sickness vs Wellness Medicine.

You can also visit for more ways to take an active role in your health with a wellness approach to living!

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Dr. Divi Chandna MD, has been practicing family medicine for 20 years. She is also certified as a mind-body medicine coach, medical intuitive and meditation teacher. Dr. Divi believes that it is time to expand the spectrum of healing and helps clients source the reason for their illness. She works with clients to get to the root cause of their dis-ease, not just treating symptoms of their disease. Dr. Divi is passionate about her work, teaches classes, writes books, works privately with clients and loves to inform and educate! You can look her up at to learn more about her practice. Dr. Divi offers teleseminars ,workshops, and audio products to help patients take a proactive approach to their health.

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