The Wellness vs Sickness Approach To Your Health and Longevity

Sickness vs Wellness Medicine Part 2 of 4

Using The Wellness vs Sickness Approach with Common Illness

Last week, we talked about the sickness vs wellness medicine. How does it apply to our daily illness and disease? Much about wellness medicine is about self care even when you feel fine. It is when we are feeling well that this work is so important. It is not about waiting for the lab results or the illness to form, but it is about self care and prevention now.

Many people believe that prevention is only about the vitamins and herbs, but it does not stop and start here. Illness is actually multi-factorial. There are the emotional, mental, physical components which are all important to look at. Out of habit and ease, you may find it easier to look at some components, such as diets and supplements, or alternatively you may only look at emotions. Much of this work is about stepping out of your comfort zone, and looking at all realms of your life to enhance balance.

Many of us know when we are exhausted, tired, depleted and worn out. As a society, we are trained to ignore these feelings. Often, we keep on going regardless of the consequences. Many of us are trained to believe that the company that we work for or the external obligations are more important than ourselves. As a result, despite what our inner voice may be saying about slowing down, stopping or simply taking a break, we may choose to not listen to that voice.

I often work with patients who get ill and then look back and say that they were getting the cues to stop for months prior. Despite the cues, the mind and the obligations seem bigger and louder. As a result of the bigger and louder voice, we don’t always listen to the quieter inner voice to slow down, rest or eat better. The truth of who we are is constantly telling us and guiding us.

Sickness Medicine Defined

Sickness medicine steps in when we get sick. Sickness medicine is about fixing from the outside. For example, this may include blood pressure medications for hypertension. Those of us who were first line with patients know that high blood pressure has many other possibilities for causes. For example, weight gain, excess salt intake, high stress, alcohol consumption; sedentary lifestyles amongst others can be precursors for high blood pressure.

Instead of simply prescribing pharmaceuticals, what if we all took our lives and health seriously and started to look at other causes of high blood pressure. As we know, one disease process can be a precursor to others. Once we are diagnosed with an illness, some people feel like they are given a free pass to use medications and then wait for the next disease.

As a result, this has compounded the single minded approach of sickness medicine. When we only look at treatment, and not at cause, we are really limiting our ability to truly be well. Unfortunately, we have an epidemic proportion of the illness medicine approach. More and more people are willing to take a medication for their problem to fix the issue, without concern for what else they can do.

This may have started with seemingly benign disease processes, like high blood pressure, hi cholesterol, diabetes and so on. But, over time, this sickness approach actually creates havoc and we all end up with more disease processes such as heart disease, depression, anxiety, strokes and more.

It is possible to stop this madness. The revolving door of sickness, pharmaceuticals and more illness has to stop. The only way it can stop is if we are all willing to slow down, take note and each of us take our personal steps towards the wellness approach. If we all did this and took personal responsibility, the affects on our world could be truly amazing.

The Stress Factor

Next week, I will jump into specific steps to handle stress. Stress is a huge component to our diseases; it will be helpful to really look at our stress, what we are doing now and what specific changes we can all make to decrease stress and amplify our own health.

Sickness vs Wellness Medicine Part 1 of 4

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Dr. Divi Chandna MD, has been practicing family medicine for 20 years. She is also certified as a mind-body medicine coach, medical intuitive and meditation teacher. Dr. Divi believes that it is time to expand the spectrum of healing and helps clients source the reason for their illness. She works with clients to get to the root cause of their dis-ease, not just treating symptoms of their disease. Dr. Divi is passionate about her work, teaches classes, writes books, works privately with clients and loves to inform and educate! You can look her up at to learn more about her practice. Dr. Divi offers teleseminars ,workshops, and audio products to help patients take a proactive approach to their health.

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