The Smartphone Physical

The Future of Medical Equipment Compliments of iOS and Android?

Dr. Eric Topol took mobile health to NBC’s Rock Center to raise the awareness of the innovation and implementation of useful tools for physicians.

What does this really mean for all of us?

Visit the online site for answers all your questions about a smartphone physical:

  1. What is The Smartphone Physical?
  2. What diagnostically useful information can be obtained through The Smartphone Physical?
  3. How did you select the devices in The Smartphone Physical?
  4. I have a device that I would like to submit to The Smartphone Physical – how can I do so?
  5. What kind of clinicians would benefit from performing Smartphone Physicals?
  6. How will this increased reliance on technology impact the clinician-patient relationship?
  7. Will this replace healthcare providers?
  8. How can I get the devices in The Smartphone Physical?
  9. Are any physicians currently using the devices in The Smartphone Physical?

Are you comfortable with these developements?

See a related article on Concierge Medicine Journal by Helen Lippman for The Journal of Family Practice:

How FDA Approved Apps Are Changing Family Medicine

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