Atlas MD Develops Software To Help Doctors Manage Concierge Medicine Practices

Josh Heck, Wichita Business Journal, May 15th 2013

Dr. Josh Umbehr takes an insurance-free approach to providing medical care. It’s a concept that works for his business, and now he wants to help other medical professionals duplicate it.

Umbehr’s practice, Atlas MD, worked with Entermotion in Wichita to develop software that manages the business aspects of the concierge medicine practice, such as billing, printing medicine labels and charting, to be done from one efficient platform — rather than the seven or so platforms that were required before.

Umbehr started his concierge practice in 2010, and it now has more than 1,000 patients. In concierge medicine, patients pay cash — in Atlas’ case, a monthly flat fee — and traditional insurance isn’t accepted.

Atlas, which last month added its third physician, the offering its software to other practices that might be interested in implementing a similar concept, and Umbehr will charge a monthly fee for the use of the software.

The cost of developing the software as well as the monthly service charges are still being finalized.

Umbehr says he has been successful in finding a business model that works for him, and he wants to share that information with others. He says medical providers should work together to find ways to improve care and lower costs.

CMJ- The concierge medicine industry is surely on the edge of their seat waiting to preview this software due to Atlas MD’s success with their practice model. The software will likely revolutionize direct primary care by providing a customized high quality platform for existing concierge care practices to adopt and helping new physicians adopt the model.

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  1. Thank you for publishing the article. We look forward to releasing more information about the software in the coming weeks. We’ll be sure to keep CMJ in the loop 🙂

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