BEST HEALTH AND FITNESS APPS OF 2013: Digital Concierge Medicine

BEST HEALTH AND FITNESS APPS OF 2013: Digital Concierge Medicine

Find a concierge doctor or private fitness coach on your phone? Check out this list of health and fitness apps to keep you in the best shape of your life. Some are like having a concierge doctor in your pocket. posted this excellent review of health and fitness apps available right now.

We love our phones. A lot. They do pretty much, like, everything. They take pictures, shoot video, play music, run games, and about a million other things.

But the most exciting development yet is how our phones are helping us get in shape. Sure, mobile apps allow us to fling exploding birds at green pigs, but they also help us run faster, get stronger, eat smarter, and connect with people around the globe.

For this list, Greatist scoured every app market for standout apps that were pushing the boundaries of health and fitness. Not all of these are the most downloaded apps (though we certainly considered that). Instead, we focused on some key metrics: Is the app highliy rated? Is it user-friendly? Is it reliable or is it buggy? Does it do something unique? And can it continue to grow and innovate? Much of these are subjective (we know), and we tried to cover an array of interests, so naturally there will be apps that could have made the list but didn’t. We wanted to choose 64 health and fitness apps that are reinventing the way mobile phones can help us lead better lives, one healthier choice at a time.

From mainstays like Nike Training Club to gamified programs like Zombies, Run! to educational powerhouses like Khan Academy, this list — in no particular order — runs the gamut of what’s to come for the future of our health. And best yet? Almost all of them are free.


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