A Crash Course In ‘Concierge Care’ For Doctors, Patients

By LAUREN SILVERMAN, KERA News for North Texas

Ten-minute physicals and health insurance paperwork aren’t just frustrating for patients – they’re a pain for doctors, too. One of every 10 Texas doctors say they are moving away from accepting insurance and toward a flat fee for coverage. They call it “concierge care,” or direct medicine.

More than 4,000 U.S. doctors offer concierge services. That’s 30 percent more than last year. And Texas is a hot zone: at least a dozen doctors have gone concierge in Dallas-Fort Worth alone.

How Does It Work?

Every concierge practice is different — but generally patients pay a yearly fee in return for an extensive physical and enhanced access to their doctor. Visits are typically longer, you don’t have to pay for services provided in the office, such as labs and check-ups, and you can call your doctor any time. Many concierge practices don’t accept health insurance, which doctors claim frees them from spending money and time on bookkeeping and documentation.

For more on why people want the benefits of concierge medicine, how much concierge medicine costs, and how concierge doctors work with insurance…



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